Sponsor a Pastor/Village

The video here only shows you a portion of the work that has happened in this particular mission in India this year.

• The thing that touches your heart every time you meet one of these Pastors, is that many of them do not even have shoes on their feet.
• They are very poor people, but they love God dearly and are honored in their churches and many of the villages as Men of God.

There is tremendous opportunity here for ministry.
Please consider partnering with us so that this Apostolic work can continue. Most of all, we need financial support for the pastors and for the conference that takes place each October.

These two items are absolutely key to what is happening there right now. • Because of the poverty in this part of the world, the pastors there need our help and support for their families so they can do the work of ministry in their villages.
• Without our support, they would be forced to find work possibly many miles from their villages and away from their families.
• If they are going to be able to pastor in their villages, they need us to help them.

This small offering is absolutely the lifeline for these men, their families and their churches.

• After any banking fees, 100% of the money that you might give goes directly to the work in India.
• It does not purchase plane tickets, hotels or food for preachers.
• That’s the catch of being involved in this ministry.
• You have to pay your own way.
• Every person who has gone there for the conferences or to preach there has paid their own way.

We need good people like yourselves to partner with us to at least sponsor a village.
• You can sponsor an entire village and its pastor for as little as $100 per month.
• Can you believe that?
• That would pay the pastors salary and even enable him and his entire church to attend the Conference in October which is an enormous blessing to the Christans there.
• “Would you sponsor a Pastor and his church in West Bengal India?
• When you become the sponsor of a village, you are the only sponsor to that village.
• No one else will be sponsoring them.
• You in essence will literally be adopting and becoming the lifeline of that pastor and his church.

Where does your $100 go?
• 40 dollars of it will go directly to the pastor each month.
• Now I know this does not sound like much but that’s the beauty of this work.
• It does not take much to sustain it.
• The balance is used to make the conference happen there in Oct.
• Now I already told you that everyone pays their own way.
• But there is still food needed to feed the thousands of people who come from the villages.
• We have to rent a tent and sound system and the many other needs that are very complex in order to feed and care for thousands of people who come from the farthest villages to the conference.

Understand something today,

• These villages are extremely remote.
• In this part of the world Christians are only .60 percent of one percent of the population.
• They are absolutely surrounded by Hindus and Muslims who do not treat them well for their belief in Jesus Christ.
• When these people come to this conference their eyes are opened to the fact that there are thousands of people in other villages there who also believe this Truth.
• They see and experience Conference style Pentecostal worship and preaching.
• You know how valuable it is for Christians to get to go to conferences, camps and special meetings to see that their little church is not the only church in the world.
• The churches in India have the same need.
• They need to see that their little group 25 or 50 or 100 are not the only people in the world who believe these truths.
• In the many remote places that these churches are at, it would be extremely easy for these people to feel isolated and very alone.

This conference accelerates the work that we are doing there like nothing else we can do.
• Having geat preachers go there and minister in that conference and train those Indian Pastors is something that is absolutely necessary if we are going to raise up a solid, self sustainable work there.

We really need a financial miracle to take place this year so we can cause a strong base of consistant supporting partners like yourself.
• Could you allow your heart to open to this amazing need…
• We need your help…
• Would you partner with these men.
• Some of you are able to sponsor more than one village, could you do that?
• If you can’t afford 100 per month, can you afford 50 per month?

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