Student Ministry – Bible College

Education of any kind in this part of India is reserved for the few who can afford to pay for it. There is no state-sponsored ran education system. For this reason, most of West Bengal is illiterate and dependent upon the compassion ofothers for basic education.

This is one reason why false religion is rampant in this part of the world. Most of the people are unable to simply read a Bible. Truth, like a ray of light, pierces the spiritual veil over the Bengali people.

Emanuel Bible Institute is vital to the work of God in India. Teaching and training the young men and women who attend the college enables us to send at least 2 dozen new ministry workers and pastors into the villages each year. These young men and women are extremely sincere servants of God who deserve every bit of help we can offer.

Once these students graduate from the Bible College, they immediately begin their ministries in one of the villages nearby. Most of them will become pastors who will teach the people of their villages about Jesus Christ.

Training at Emmanuel Bible Institute elevates their status within the communities where they will minister. They are respected as Men and Women of God who are worthy to be followed. Biblical education gains each student access in the lives and hearts of each person in the village.

These full time students are hungry to know Truth so they can take it to their villages and start churches. Most of the students need financial support. Could you possibly sponsor a Bible College Student? The cost for their room & board, as well as tuition is only 47 dollars per month.

Your monthly support will literally change the life of a young man or woman and those they will ultimately reach. There is a waiting list of sincere and hungry young men and women who are waiting to enter into the ministry. They are only waiting for a sponsor. Could you become that sponsor for them today?

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