Church Buildings

The annual monsoon season wreaks havoc on the established village churches in the region.

The pastors and congregations work hard to build churches where the congregation can assemble and meet. However the monsoon rains are so severe that on the average the building will only last an average of three years. Then it has to be completely rebuilt.

Perhaps you can imagine what a hardship it would add if you had to rebuild your church facility every three years. Think of the time and effort expended on the building whereas the same time and effort could be spent instead on building people.

There is a solution!

For a donation of $8,000 you can build a beautiful brick church with a cement floor and metal roof. These durable structures not only endure the weather for many years, but also testify as a witness to the villagers of what God is doing in their area.

This church was donated to the village of Bagdole. Rev. James Smith and his wife were there in February of 2011 and dedicated the land on which this almost completed church/school now sets. The congregants of the church in Bagdole have worked very hard to get the building completed even though the Monsoon Rains have hindered them greatly. One amazing point is how frugal the workers are with what they have to work with. It’s almost amazing that a building of this size and quality can be built with only $8,000.00.

When this building is completed, it will not only be a church and school for this village, but it will also be a place of refuge from the storms and dangerous weather.

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